Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#Giveaway : [March Giveaway] Indonesian Crafter's Admins Unite!!

Bulan Maret yang penuh hadiah... *winkwink

Ikutan yookk giveaway dari para crafter kreatif Indonesia,siapa aja??? cekitdot...*cuusss

March Giveaway sponsored by Capungmungil, MadCrafter, LittleMissChesie, Mamak Ira, and KupunyaHandmade  is coming!

We are :

- Nuning Subastian , founder of MadCrafter will give her 1 Sue Sunbonnet Wall Deco and 1 Key Ring set (chain and bracelet) for 2 lucky winners. 
 - Chesiria Tattia , founder of  LittleMissChesie  will give her 2 lunch-bento bag for 2 lucky winners.
 - Ira Rupina , founder of  Mamak IRA  will give her 1 Macaroon pillow and 1 Kitty Pushlie for 2 lucky winners. 
  - Dini Kurnianing, founder of   KupunyaHandmade   will give her 1 love pillow and 1 Pink Kitty Pouch for 2 lucky winners. 
 and Me (Dini Capungmungil) founder of    Capungmungil will give my 1 birdie pillow and 1 Dolphin Pushlie for 2 lucky winners. 
 How to win?
- Follow capungmungil's BlogMadCrafterLittleMissChesieMamakIra, and KupunyaHandmade and Indonesian Crafter's Blog
- Join Capungmungil's Fan Page, blessedlyblissfulcraftstore, Mamak IRAKupunyaHandmade on Facebook
- Follow Chesie on Twitter @chesiriatattia
-- Put this button on your side bar

- Leave a comment and your e-mail
- You can repost or share or twit if you want too :)

Giveaway is open to Indonesian Residents only. Sorry. I will sellect the winners randomly on March 20!


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