Monday, March 26, 2012

#Giveaway : {2nd march giveaway}

Diakhir bulan Maret ini ada giveaway lagi niiihh dari Apuu Handmade dan Ideku handmade
ikutaaannn yuukkk!!!
*berdoa semoga menang*


2nd March Giveaway sponsored by Apuu Handmade :)
3 handmade pouches for three lucky persons. Mbak Bimbi as an owner of Apuu Handmade made these pouches with love and heart. Please check her latest product HERE.

How to win?
- Follow Ideku Handmade's Blog and Apuu Handmade's Blog
- Being her friend on facebook
- Put this button on your side bar
- Choose your lovely one, leave a comment about their product and your e-mail
- You can repost or share or twit if you want too :)

Giveaway is open for Indonesian Residents only. Sorry. I will sellect the winners randomly on March 31! Goodluck.

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